12-sai.: Kiss, Kirai, Suki OVA Short Review

A 15 minute short OVA about some six graders who are young enough to worry about their love life. Joking aside, this anime targets younger viewers who are seeking for cute romance theme. But if you are older and is still young at heart and loves cuteness and cheesy moments, then you might be fine watching this.

Please note that I’m not an expert in judging anime. It’s just mainly based on how I liked and enjoyed the story. So no hard feelings please. Plus it contains spoilers with warnings so read at your own risk.


Animation – 4/5
The animation is so shoujo-like. It is suitable.

Sounds – 3/5
I also think that the music is fine though the ending theme is not my type.

Voice Acting – 4/5
I have no problem with this area. I think the voices fits the characters well enough.

Romance – 5/5 (Not Counted)
This is definitely a romance anime. But again, it’s for younger and young at heart viewers.

Story – 36/60
The story so cliche. It’s just like your typical shoujo story where the main character girl falls for the most famous and cutest guy in the class and then the guy falls back or have some hidden feelings to the girl. Though it made me think that they’re so young to be worrying about such things. I guess that’s what makes it cute?

Impact – 24/30
I’ll give credits for it made me feel it’s cuteness and cheesiness.

TOTAL – 71/100


If you’re not the type of person who doesn’t like a typical cute, cheesy love story then this is not for you. But if you wanted to try it out, it’s just about 15 minutes so I think it wouldn’t hurt. But for me, I feel a floaty feeling while watching this so I can say I like it. But I won’t go to such extent as to read the manga. I think this OVA advertises to people to read the manga but I think watching the OVA is enough. It already gave me the idea on what it is going to be.


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