Amnesia Short Reviewish

A mysterious setting about a girl who lost her memories. If you are looking for an anime that is reverse harem in theme and with good looking main characters then you might like this series. And this is actually the first anime that I’ve seen where the heroine has no name.

Please note that I’m not an expert in judging anime. It’s just mainly based on how I liked and enjoyed the story. So no hard feelings please. Plus it contains spoilers with warnings so read at your own risk.

My Ratings

Animation – 4/5
The animation is quite good. They made the characters really good looking. And the colors are so much rainbows and gradients. But even though I knew this is a mysterious-genre anime, I still don’t get why the main character’s attire is so flashy like visual kei but their surroundings and the ordinary people’s attire are ordinary. I just don’t get it. I won’t feel like that if they made the attire similar to everyone else, main characters to ordinary people or vice versa. But it’s just me being perfectionist.

Sounds – 2/5
The BGM and the OPs and EDs didn’t interest me that much. I just think they’re plain sounding one. And I feel dry as I watch the series.

Voice Acting – 4/5
I think the VAs are tolerable and I think they fit the characters good enough. Though listening to the heroine’s voice makes me feel weak.

Romance – 2/5 (Not counted)
I’ll include my thoughts about the romance part on the story criteria since it’s surely short.

Story – 26/60
This is actually the first reverse harem that I’ve watched and I can say I don’t like it that much just like harem. It has no proper character development and romance.

The story goes with the heroine whose memories are lost because of a certain event. And because of the that, she’s trying to retrieve her memories back and one by one, the five mysterious guys were introduced. Though I’m quite surprised that the heroine didn’t panic for she can’t remember a single thing. But there’s a spirit named Orion who helps her retrieve her memories. In this series, each guy characters are mysterious in their own ways and has their own story. The heroine gets to know them as her lovers but I think it failed because I feel that the first four guy characters remains mysterious. The plot progress is confusing as it is stated that she’s stuck in a loop. But everything was explained at the end so all is well. But even with that shocking twist at the end it shockingly didn’t surprise me. LOL.

As what I said that this anime is a reverse harem so the character development and romance hasn’t progress that much. I feel that the heroine remains lifeless and naive up until the last episode. I feel depressed. The guy main characters personalities are just like any other guys you’ve seen in other anime. But they remain as they are in the series, well, except for some guys turning into overprotective and yandere.

I don’t know. I just didn’t enjoy this anime that much. And that’s probably all you can see in this reviewish. LOL. Well, the feels maybe different if you play the game but the anime didn’t made me want to play the game at all.

Impact – 14/30
As I said, they focused too much on the mysterious part of the story that it killed my enjoyment. I feel confused as I watched the series and every episode just keeps myself asking what’s happening. Even though the mysteriousness was explained in the last few episodes, that 10 mysterious looping episodes made my eyebrows meet. I probably like the infamous endless 8 of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu more than the first 10 episode of this.

TOTAL – 52/100


I think this anime maybe targeted to younger viewers since some of my younger friends like this much. I think they’re after the dreamy guys protecting the princess. Or for those people who likes to be surrounded by hot dudes. But I’m not like that? I like romance anime with good progressing plot so I didn’t like this anime much.

I haven’t played the game and the anime may be different from it. But my impression for the anime didn’t help. I think this anime is made the way it was but I just didn’t enjoy it that much. It’s not just for me.


3 thoughts on “Amnesia Short Reviewish

  1. As to my own view, I am not fond of Reverse Harem and I agree with you saying that this kind of anime are most likely watched by those younger ones. I don’t understand why, but perhaps we’re done with fantasizing and more focused on reality? Well it’s just my view though. Again, thanks for this review!

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  2. I was first fascinated to watch Amnesia because of the animation and graphics. Aside from the plot itself, it is one of my preference in deciding to watch an anime. The characters are really good looking and the graphics is really good. But when I watched the anime, I got bored and the plot didn’t interest me so much. I think the gamer otakus can totally relate to the anime, though. Too bad I’m not into games so the anime didn’t interests me.

    Like when I got to watch Diabolik Lovers. I thought it was going to be another blast like Vampire Knight but I was totally wrong. That was another disappointment when I watched the anime. Anyway just sharing my rambling 🙂

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