Heroine Shikkaku Manga Short Reviewish

The heroine is always the main character of the story. She is a great character who falls in love with the hero. That’s why she always ends up with the hero. But what if the heroine is not great but evil? A selfish and whiny girl who will do whatever she could for the hero even though she would hurt other people? Would she still end up with the hero until the end? If you want to know, read this manga.

Please note that I’m not an expert in judging manga. It’s just mainly based on how I liked and enjoyed the story. So no hard feelings please. Plus it contains spoilers with or without warnings so read at your own risk.

My Ratings

Art – 18/20
The art is cute. It’s so shoujo. But what I like about the art is the heroine’s facial expression every time she felt great and depressed. Every time I saw her face like that, “WTF?” is always blurted out in my mouth. I can’t help but laugh instead of sympathize with her situation. I mean it’s so ugly from her original face that it will definitely make you laugh. It even made it to the cover that made me “WTF?” louder than I’m supposed to be. I find that one of the redeeming art of this manga.

Story – 32/50
After reading few chapters, I actually wanted to drop the series since I felt that the story, at that point of where I’m reading, is hopeless and unbelievable. But I don’t like doing reading manga or watching anime then backing out in the middle of it. So I still continue.

Well, this is another childhood romance theme. But the question which this manga is trying to imply is “are you the heroine of your story?” The story focuses on the heroine, Matsuzaki, Hatori, and her long love for her childhood friend, Terasaka, Rita. In this story the heroine takes and evil-ish role just to get the person she love.

The heroine is so confident that her childhood friend will remain fooling around with love. But then the he meet, Adachi, Miho, whom the heroine thought of just a side character. Thus making her make daring move just to get the hero back. Then the story goes on.


Actually the whole story is running around circles especially about the heroine. She goes loving and giving up then back again every time her feelings waver. That’s why I felt annoyed with that part. The heroine’s childhood slash love interest is going out with another girl yet he makes her hopes high making them both idiots. And just like any other manga, rival characters appear making it more running around circles. But that’s what makes it more heart pounding, right?

For the hero, I’m actually rooting for the other guy more than him. Even though he’s a player at first, he was able to change because of the heroine. During the last few chapters of the manga, I keep saying “Please be him already!”. But in the end it’s not because he’s not the hero. I cried during that chapter. LOL. But either way, I’m fine that she end up with her childhood friend, even though at first I was like “WTH?”. LOL. But it was fine because they made it with a mature decisions.

Anyways, the story is not that great nor unique. The heroine is whiney but she is funny so I can’t hate her. I’m just annoyed with both her and the hero. But overall, I like this manga series.

Romance – 5/5 (Not counted)
Yep. This manga is definitely a shoujo manga that has lots of romance element on it. There are loving and hateful moments. And plenty of annoying moments. But despite that I still like the story.

Enjoyment/Impact – 28/30
Despite the running around circles moments I actually like this type of manga because it stirs up my emotions. But at the same time I also dislike it because of the same reason. Weird but that’s how I felt when I read this kind of manga. I’m probably a masochist for making myself in pain. I’m not a anti-stereotype or anti-cliche person either so I’m fine even if I’ve read some similar manga to this. Especially that it’s shoujo, it sure has some similar manga to this. But there’s no way you’ll see a very unique story these days, very super rare. So I gave up the crap of complaining about that. If so I’ll praise the mangaka for being creative and unique.

TOTAL – 78/100

Now What!?

This manga is not really that great but I still love it. And I love reading romance manga so I love this manga even more. It’s running around circles but it made me feel different kind of emotions so I’ll take that as a credit. A story of a girl who tries to do her best to be the heroine. I’m glad that I didn’t drop this manga.

The heroine may not really be the real heroine. She may be a supporting character of the story. But then the heroine is the one making the story herself. So all she needs to is believe and do her best. Because in the end the heroine do gets the hero.

How about you? Are you the heroine of your story?


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