Shinobi Life Manga Short Reviewish

The opportunity to time-slip, or go back to the past or to go advance to the future, is a great power. You can go back to the past to correct your mistakes and to prevent something bad that has happened. Or you can go advance to the future so you can do what is right to do in your present. But does changing the past and the future changes the things in the present? Or is that all part of destiny or fate? The manga Shinobi Life depicts that kind of story.

Please note that I’m not an expert in judging manga. It’s just mainly based on how I liked and enjoyed the story. So no hard feelings please. Plus it contains spoilers with or without warnings so read at your own risk.

My Ratings

Art – 17/20
The art is good. And the guys are beautifully drawn that they look so hot. Though there is no doubt Kuroki is the cutest. No objections! LOL. Though sometimes the characters faces are somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes they don’t look like what they’re supposed to be. But you can pretty much identify them. It’s just a minor detail.

Story – 37/50
I tend to judge manga base on it’s cover when I’m lazy in picking what manga to read, and so Shinobi Life is one of those manga. I honestly didn’t expect to read this manga in marathon through the end. When I read the first chapter, I just thought that “OK. I’ll read it since the guy is cute.” and was not even interested a bit. I just recently watched the anime entitled Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei which I found really hilarious and great, and is about rewinding time, related to time. And I thought that this is another time related themed manga. And when I read this manga, it reminded me of few anime or manga like Fushigi Yuugi, InuYasha, and Kamisama Hajimemashita.

Anyways, the story is mainly about time-slip or time paradox or just time to simply call it. The story is made complex because of the multiple times of time-slipping but I honestly think the the story is really predictable. It’s probably because I’ve read Kamisama Hajimemashita first and they really have some similarities. The only thing I was doubtful about is the connection between Hitaki and Iwatsuru, Rihito in the last few chapters in the manga. I have two assumptions at that time:


My first assumption was Iwatsuru, Rihito is the reincarnation of Hitaki’s brother. And my second assumption was Iwatsuru, Rihito is the reincarnation of Hitaki since the manga has a tragedy tag and I thought somebody will die at the end and I thought it was Hitaki. But my first assumption is right. So trust your first instinct. LOL.

Another thing that bothered me when I read the manga again is the comb that the original Beni-hime gave to Kagetora before the explosion. I’m wondering how did the comb end up being in the Fujiwara’s when Beni-hime gave that comb to Kagetora in the past. When I think about it, it’s pretty impossible for the comb to exist in the future in Fujiwara’s hands.

For the characters, I think they are well developed. But I was quite disappointed with the heroine because I thought she is a cool type but she is a soft type. Though I have no problems with stubborn type of characters. It’s just my expectation was not meet. For the heroine’s partner, I usually tend to side on the other guy but this time I like Kagetora more for Fujiwara, Beni. The way they meet was so great. That’s probably the reason that got me interested in Kamisama Hajimemashita. But really, Kagetora is just too cute and innocent-looking.

Romance – 4/5 (Not counted)
Like I said the story is great between Kagetora and Fujiwara, Beni. The multiple time-slipping made their love story great. But I find it not satisfying in the end. I just hope that the author showed more of what happened after their last time-slip. The ending was more about Shinobis and the past. But of course I think it was made that way, because you know, from the title itself, Shibobi Life. Chapter 63, which I consider is the last chapter, is just a teaser for me. The last chapter which is chapter 64 is like an extra.

Enjoyment/Impact – 25/30
My enjoyment while reading this is like a roller coaster, at first it was ordinary, then next was hasty, then at the middle part was close to climatic, then close to end was great, and the end was fine. After reading chapter 4, I thought that this manga should end because they are happy now. I tend to loose interest in manga or anime which is running around circles too much. But then we never thought what happens to Cinderella after the happily ever after scene, so why not continue? And I was glad with my decision to continue. As the story goes on it gets even more interesting. The story between character got complex but it soon got clearer as it goes on. During the events of time paradoxical and time travelling, it keeps on reminding me of Kamisama Hajimemashita.

TOTAL – 79/100

Now What!?

The story is not unique. There are plenty of similar stories to this that I’ve read or watched. But I still find the story good. At first it was boring but it gets better every chapter. I recommend you to read this in your convenient time.


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