Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

My Ratings

Art – 20/20
A high rating you say? Well, for my opinion I think Mashima deserves this rating for Rave. Even though the art on the first few volumes of this manga was not really that good if you compare it to the manga drawn today, I would still give Rave a perfect score. The reason for that is I am so amazed at how Mashima’s art style improved over the years he worked on this manga. He mentioned in his extra chapters on Rave that he does practice a lot. As a person who loves art and loves to draw I totally respect at how hard working Mashima is.

Story – 42/50
People who will or have read Rave today might think it is unoriginal or something. But during the time I’ve known Rave I have always thought that the story was awesome and that was around 12 years ago. I was specially drawn to how Mashima have thought about the Ten Commandments swords. And traveling on adventure to find the pieces of Rave was actually kind of fun to watch.

Overall, I love how the story progressed and how the characters have developed until the end. Though one thing I was not that fond of about Rave was the enemies turning into ally part. I don’t really have to wonder about it since friendship is a typical theme for Shounen but still I find it overdone. Like majority of the enemies have changed of hearts.

The twist and revelations in the story was actually pretty good too. You know you have a hint but then you’ll be having doubts on your conclusion since the story and Mashima’s hints are a bit confusing or conflicting. Yes, Mashima gives hidden hints and messages along the story which is really fun to observe but then I haven’t actually gotten to solve any of them. Laughs. I guess I’m pretty slow. And when the moment comes when everything connects, it gives me the feeling of amazement, “I see. So that’s why…”

For the battle part, I was not really that satisfied enough because I find the enemies lame. The battle scenes lack impact for my opinion.

Plus I also love the side stories. They were actually fun to read. Overall, I find Rave great.

Romance – 3/5 (Not counted)
I am pretty satisfied with the romance for this manga. Even though it is Shounen which obviously doesn’t focus on romance, there were pretty much a lot of decent moments that can be considered as ‘romance‘. And it’s not like the romance only revolve around the Haru and Elie. There were other characters too which gave of the romance vibe.

Enjoyment/Impact – 27/30
I can say I pretty much enjoy reading Rave overall. I actually first known Rave from its anime adaptation back in 2003 when it was aired in our country. I still watched it on TV during those times. And now 12 years have passed and I decided to read the manga. Well, I didn’t actually read Rave this year but way back 2014 and I keep putting it on-hold. I keep repeating the first 50 chapters of it until this year because I thought I forgot about it already. And finally I was able to finish reading it this year! And I can say it was worth it. I love Rave and it’s one of my childhood anime/manga so it has a special place in my heart.

TOTAL – 89/100


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