Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

RANDOM TRIVIA ABOUT ME: I just need to mention this since I am doing a review specifically about Rave. I actually got my username (XUEI) from the idea of Elie’s name. If 3173 is read as ELIE upside-down, what would my name be? Well, nothing important! That’s just a name of a character from the story I had in mind a long time ago.

Most and Least Favorite Character(s)

Warning! Spoilers ahead!


My most favorite character for this series would be Musica. His first appearance didn’t give me much of an impression until Mashima changed his character design. But his looks is not the one that made him my favorite character but because of his personality. Well, Musica is a big flirt towards beautiful women which I find really funny. But at the bottom part, even though he is a womanizer, I thought that he really did care for those women. Aside from that, he really values his friendship towards the group, especially to Haru. He is the kind of friend who is always there whenever you need help. And that’s what he did at the very end.


Among the female characters, I like Julia the most. She is such a cool character. When she was still in her dragon form, I thought that she is a timid kind of character because Let is a dignified but not that open kind of character. So I was not expecting Julia to be a strong and defiant person. And it turns out that Let is under by Julia so I find that funny. Sorry.


And for the creature characters, my most favorite would probably be Ruby. Though Ruby might appear not cute unlike Plue, I thought that he really does have an important part in the story especially in the comedic part. He is the dumb character in the group which makes the group even livelier. I’ve always thought that a series would not be completed without any comedic character.

My least favorite character in this series, for some obvious reasons, would be Lazenby. Mashima have mentioned the reason for him adding Lazenby in Haru’s group but I still find him annoying and he is just in the way. I don’t find him funny at all.

Favorite Ship(s)

Warning! Spoilers ahead!


Of course, from the very start I have been shipping Haru and Elie. I was a kid back then when I first know Rave and I remember shipping them. Another one is Haru and Celia. I actually like Celia’s personality since she is so cheerful and charming. And at some point I also ship Haru and Belnika because during that time I wasn’t very sure of what will Haru and Elie’s relationship would be in the future. For Elie to notice Haru more, I wanted Belnika to interfere. And Mashima didn’t fail me, something slightly similar happened.

I also ship Musica and Reina ever since they crossed their paths, even though they were enemies. I knew a spark would happen between them. But then Reina died. But I know that Reina will always be in Musica’s heart. Even though it was not clear that he loved her back but I know that Reina is someone special to him.

I also like the established ships in this series like Let and Julia.


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