Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

Saddest Moments

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

I need to mention these moments since it did gave an impact to me in this series. I know they are all deaths but I can’t help but cry:


Of course the first one was Haru’s father, Gale Glory‘s death. I actually didn’t manage to finish watching the anime until the last episode so it was a shock to me that he died. I tear a bit when he died but I cried more when Haru started to show his real emotions towards his father’s death. It was such a pity that they only have a few moments together.


The next one would be Reina‘s death. I know that Mashima mostly make enemies into allies and let them live, and sometimes let them be in the main character’s group, so I was surprised when he did this to Reina which is very sad for me. Just when she realizes her feeling towards Musica then she died. Though her death was a sad moment, she did not die in vain. She was able to help Musica in his battles and even helped Haru in forming the last Ten Commandment sword.


Another one would be Shiba‘s death. Even for the few moments he shared with Haru, for me, Shiba was like a second father to Haru. And for Haru’s second father to die after Gale, it was such a sad moment. I have always thought that he will live and witness the victory of peace he has been fighting for over 50 years. The trial for the last Rave was kind of cruel and sad. And it was even sadder when he and Resha finally met for over how many years.


And lastly, the saddest moment for me was Sieghart‘s death. In this series, Sieghart was like my neutral character; I sort of like him but at the same time I sort of dislike him. I like him for his strong personality and sense of justice towards his duty. Plus he is really cool and good looking. But at the same time I also dislike him for his strong potential as a love rival of Haru. So my feelings towards his character were 50/50. But then there was an unexpected turn of events during the Truth of Elie arc. I knew at the moment Sieghart was left behind in the past, at the moment I saw Haru and Elie’s reaction, and especially at the moment when Sieghart asked for Resha’s pendant which is where I started crying the most… I knew… at that moment… that Sieghart was that guardian who has been guarding Resha’s fake grave since before Symphonia’s destruction. For him to dedicate his life for guarding the grave was such a heroic act. I thought that moment was the most epic one in this story. It really moved me and made me cry buckets even though it has passed several chapters already.

To rank it, the saddest would be Sieghart, Reina, Shiba, and down to Gale’s death.

Also another sad moment for me was the Captain Hardner‘s daughter revelation part and when Musica is on the verge of death. Of course I’ll go crazy if he end up dying on the last parts of the manga.

Battle Moments

Warning! Spoilers ahead!


Again, I actually find the enemies to be lame. So I can’t choose properly on which battle was the most epic one. But if I have to choose my favorites then it would be the battle between Haru and Lucia where the sword Sacrifar first appeared. I thought that battle was good since it is not the typical good Haru who is fighting against Lucia. Because it is not the typical power from friendship kind of fight, it was a bit of unique among the battles that happened in the series. I actually wished for the blood lust to take over Haru for some reason. And I also somewhat like the Final Battle arc battles, though Musica hardly did any action during the final battle.


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