Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

Thoughts I Have In Mind

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

I have always thought that the character of Melodia has some importance for Musica. But after Reina’s death it was like Mashima totally wash her out.

I just wish that Celia reappeared at the Final Battle arc. But then she is a mermaid and most of the battle happened in land so it’s impossible.

The last chapter of Rave 0077 totally made me did a literal face palm. Just when it is revealed who Levin‘s parents are, then he made that face at the end.


I mentioned in the ratings section that sometimes the story and the hints that Mashima gives are somewhat confusing and conflicting, right? I was so confident that Elie and Resha is the same person but when it reached chapter 100, my conclusion was totally taken aback. At that chapter, in both Haru and Lucia’s dream, Resha appears to be in a deserted place all alone with shackles on both her hands and feet. The 50 years she mentioned is probably a representation of the years Elie loses her memory as Resha but then at the last part of the chapter, there was a giant person who looks like a judge that sentenced Resha for her punishment for another 20,000 years. The punishment was probably due to Overdrive. But the judge mentioned that she was punished by not being able to speak for 20,000 years and she will be punished again for another 20,000 years. I was really confused with that because if Elie is Resha then what are those numbers and what exactly is the timeline? It can’t be that Resha was part of the original world because only one person survived during that time and it was the ancestor of the Raregroove‘s in the altered parallel world. Or after all, it was just all a dream? I wonder.

When Haru, Elie, and Sieghart traveled back to the past, they actually met Saga Pendragon and Sonia, the prophet who can communicate with Haru through the Rave of Destiny stone, and his maid. But during that time they were still in their human form. Does that mean Nakajima has also a human form? I wonder what he looks like.

And why is the title Rave: The Groove Adventure? I understand what RAVE stands for but as for the Groove Adventure, I kind of don’t see any connection to the story. Is it because the places are related to music like Song continent, Hip Hop street, Symphonia, etc.? If you actually search for the names of the places in Rave, almost all of them are related to music. And with how Mashima thinks, I think that it is because of the places. Laughs. If he mentioned that on a magazine then please tell me about it.


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