Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

Hiro Mashima Discussion

Truth to be told I am actually a fan of Hiro Mashima especially his art and manga style. As I read Rave, I was amazed at how his style improved over the years. With that, this might sound funny but it kind of gives me hope that practice will eventually yield into something good. For story-wise, I love how he makes twists on the story especially on Rave. Aside from that, I also enjoy reading his discussion section, like his explanation on how he came up with his characters and some random talk. With those talk I find him funny and fun-to-talk-with kind of person. Overall, I like Hiro Mashima as a mangaka and as a person.



If you are the type of person who is picky with the art style then better prepare yourself first before reading because the first few volumes of Rave has actually a not-so-good art style, that if you compare it on today’s Fairy Tail created by the same author, Hiro Mashima.

But if you have watched the anime adaptation of Rave, I totally suggest that you continue the story and read the manga because there are actually a lot more of it. It wasn’t even half of the story.

Plus, Plue is also here so you should read the manga. Laughs.


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