Anime or the Original Content? Which Do You Like Better?

Are you the type of person who likes watching anime over the original content? Or is it the other way around? Or do you like both? Well, we both have different opinion in this matter so I want to know how others view about this matter.

For me, I love watching and reading both anime and the original content, especially manga. But lately, I’ve been enjoying reading manga more than watching anime.

As a kid, I have been watching anime in my whole childhood days, so back then I never knew the existence of manga. But when I heard about its existence, I was not interested to it first. During those times I’m still a lazy person and I like to watch the actual moving graphics. But as time have pass, I’ve seen myself reading manga more.

One of the reasons is that the romance genre anime releases has become fewer and fewer every season. As a person who loves romance genre anime, I move into reading manga since there are tons of them in that format. But on the other hand, I like watching the anime too when it is an action genre one. As long as it does not have plenty of fillers then I would not nag and complain about it. Laughs.

Another reason is I can’t wait for the story progress so I end up reading the manga. But then if the manga is ongoing too, and if I reach the latest chapter, then the situation would be the same as when I wait for the anime updates, isn’t it?

Ao Haru Ride Manga

Lastly, I’ve been enjoying perceiving the character’s personality and the ambiance of a moment in the manga with my own imagination and understanding. Like imagining how the character’s personality would be when they were animated. So sometimes, I feel disappointed if the things that I imagined are not how it is supposed to be when the manga is adapted into anime. An example for this is Ao Haru Ride. I did not like the anime that much because I totally perceive Kou’s character differently in the manga when I read it and how he turned out in the anime. I also feel that the ambiance in the anime is different from when I read the manga, and it was probably because of the background music.

Lately, I’ve also been enjoying reading light novels. But so far I have only read one series which is Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, though I am still on its sixth volume. And I wanted to see an anime adaptation for this series. As for the other forms of original contents like Visual Novels, I have not really gone deeper into those forms yet, so I cannot really compare them with its anime adaptation

In conclusion, it all matters on our personal preferences. As for myself, I love watching and reading anime and manga more than the other depending on the genre.

So for the people who do not like an anime because it is different from the manga, my question for you is, “how do you like your anime to be?” What are your reasons for liking or disliking anime or manga more than the other? And for those people who are neutral, what is your opinion in this matter?


7 thoughts on “Anime or the Original Content? Which Do You Like Better?

  1. I think I like the anime more. I am fond of manga but I am more of following the anime. I only read manga if I am really hooked with the anime and I want to know the continuation of the anime. and oftentimes I got tired of waiting for updates. since it took months to release one chapter and years for the manga to be completed.

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    1. You have a point. But sometimes, an anime do not get to have sequels especially non-mainstream ones. It is kind of sad that they are after the money. 😥

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    1. I see. I am not really a major reader so I can only tolerate manga since it has illustrations. And indeed, you are right. The story in the manga is more in-depth since it is the original source. And yes, anime can be surprising either it is good reaction or not. 🙂

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