Gintama: Shogun Assassination Arc

It has been a while since I watch Gintama because of my busy schedule, and when I continue watching it again, they gave me this delightful arc. When I saw the trailer on the last part of episode 34 (299), I was super excited because there will be another serious arc where I get to see the other side of the usually demented characters and their back stories. And so this arc did not fail to satisfy me.

Gintama Shogun Assassination Arc Logo

Warning: This contains plenty of spoilers so better not read this article if you haven’t watched the episodes of this arc yet.

Shogun Assassination Arc Short Discussion

Okay, I will not summarize it since the arc is a bit long so you can look up the short summary of this arc on wiki, Shogun Assassination Arc. And this would not be my usual review. I’ll just mention some things that made impact to me and discuss them. Smiles.

Anyways, the arc started lightly and they even manage to make dirty jokes and mention other anime/manga series. But it took a dark turn when Hattori beheaded the Shogun himself. It happens so fast that it left me speechless until the next episode. I mean I did not expect something so heavy like this to happen from a character that is always stabbed in the butt and from a character that is always made fun off.

Hattori Beheading The Fake Shogun

I later sigh with relief when I discovered that the real Shogun is alive and that Hattori was an ally after all. And at this moment, I was pretty convinced myself that the Shogun will not die because he is an important character. Of course, he will not die.

Aside from that, I was pretty excited with the fight scene between Kamui and Okita. It was pretty short but it was intense. Both of this monster’s blood lust really emerged during this fight. It’s been a while since I saw Okita like this. Plus he is fighting against Kamui so I was pretty excited.

Okita Sougo and Kamui Fighting

Well, the back story between the Shogun and the Oniwaban was pretty interesting. I never figured that they shared a past like this. And the Shogun is just too kind. It is sad to realize that the end of this arc is actually real.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the team work that happened during the part when the group of Gintoki was being chased by the Yato. We all know that the Yato are strong so their team work was a really big help for them during the fight. Though during this time, all I can hear from Gintoki is “Run for it!” over and over again like it was his only line. Laughs.

And then another fight happened and it is between the Yato siblings, Kagura and Kamui. I actually wanted this to happen and so it did. I was happy that our little Kagura was able to fight his brother, though that does not really sound right. Laughs. Plus I love how she aimed at his injuries that Okita previously did to Kamui.

Kagura and Kamui Fighting

And of course, the fight between Gintoki and Takasugi was the best one in this arc, for me. It may look like a simple battle between sworn enemies and samurai but I thought that their fight was great. There were no wasted movements during their battle. And Takasugi’s feelings were overflowing during this fight. It was an inevitable battle.

Takasugi Shinsuke and Sakata Gintoki Fighting

And for one of the important parts of this arc, the revelation of Gintoki and Takasugi’s past which was all rooted to one person named Yoshida Shouyou. Shouyou was the sensei of Gintoki, and later of Takasugi and Katsura. Shouyou greatly influenced Takasugi and thus Takasugi was greatly affected after his sensei‘s death which was done by Gintoki by beheading Shouyou with his own hands. Although, it was Gintoki who took the life of Takasugi’s beloved sensei, in the end, he cannot actually bring hatred towards Gintoki. In the end, he realizes who his real enemy is.

Yoshida Shouyou in Takasugi's Eyes

All that revelations were actually surprising to me, especially Gintoki beheading his sensei. Although I always see Gintoki in every funny moment, I would have never thought that he carries such burden in himself.

And although this arc indeed answers the majority of my questions, but after this part, plenty of questions appeared one after another. I know for sure that Shouyou is no ordinary person and there was actually more mysteries around him. I get a hint of it in episode 305 when he prevented the secret attack on their dojo. Also, for him to receive such punishment, what is actually Shouyou’s offense towards the Tenshouin Naraku? Or did I miss something?

And I actually spoiled myself big time when I accidentally read an article relating to the manga and Shouyou which answers my previous questions above. I only read a really tiny bit part of the detail, like around six words, but I already get where it will lead to. Dang it!

As for Gintoki, there are still more mysteries around him just like Shouyou. His past was already revealed but that was the part of his past after he met Shouyou. But who actually is Gintoki before meeting Shouyou? Is there more to his past? I am really curious now. Laughs.

Sakata Gintoki As A Child

And lastly, the main part of this arc, which is also the title of the arc itself, the Shogun Assassination arc. As I said earlier, I thought that since the Shogun is an important character he will never die. I was confident as the end is approaching. But at the last moment, it took a very surprising turn. The Shogun actually died for real. And back to the first episode of the arc, the Shogun died because of poison. That moment was the saddest one during this arc. And I actually shed some tears for the Shogun which is the character I least expects to cry for. And the more that it reminds me of Nanully and Lelouch during the last tea part was so sad.

The Shogun's Last Moment

At the end, I was asking myself, was their effort to protect the Shogun all for nothing? I wonder.

Random Stuff

Kamui Looks Like A Dragonball CharacterKamui looks like a Dragon Ball character in episode 301. Laughs.

Gintoki, Takasugi, and Tenshouin Naraku Face-OffI also have to mention about the wonder wounds. The wounds that are supposed to be there but ends up disappearing at some point. Laughs.

Kamui the Older BrotherDoes Kamui actually care for Kagura? He seems serious in episode 307. Or does he seriously want to fight her again. Laughs.

Teach Us Ginpachi-senseiAnd of course, Gintama is probably the only anime who can give such explanation to a very important story conflict.


Okay, there are plenty of screenshots I did not manage to use and I think it would be a waste to delete them so I’ll just share the link of a .zip file containing all the screenshots I took for this arc, used or not. The screenshots are 1280 x 720 in dimension and taken from the videos from HorribleSubs.

Shogun Assassination Arc Screenshots (21 MB)

And so…

I really love this arc especially the fight scenes and back stories. The fight scenes may be short but it is action pack and bloody, which I rarely see in Gintama. And this arc is really a great package, because aside from the fight scenes, the back stories have majorly answered Gintoki and the others’ past which we all have been wondering since the beginning. But the downside of this arc, for me, is the length they took to air another serious arc with back story. Because of that, I sometimes forget what happens from the previous serious arc which I need to search and review again.

Also this arc is totally different from the previous serious arcs because it has a huge impact on the characters and the story. Because Shige Shige died and a new Shogun has been appointed, the political system in Edo also changes. I have actually seen the following arc, which is the Farewell, Shinsengumi arc, but that is for another review. Smiles. Anyways, from this point on and after the next arc, I am not so sure what will happen to them. Will it be the same as before? Like in the Courtesan of a Nation arc? And what about Shige Shige’s sister Soyo? It just makes me sad to think that there will be no more Shogun jokes anymore. Cries.

Well, Gintama is definitely my most favorite anime. I love it whether the episode is funny, static, serious, or just plain ridiculous. So I am really looking forward to the progress of the story!

My parting words…

Sakata Gintoki's Wooden SwordDo not ever question the durability of Gintoki’s wooden sword because it can slice and break even the strongest metal you can ever imagine! It has been proven since episode two. Laughs.


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