Koe No Katachi Movie Thoughts

It’ really been a year since I last posted on this blog. And it’s just a coincident that my last and my latest review will be Koe no Katachi. And yes! I’ve recently watched the movie for Koe No Katachi on our local movie theaters. And after watching it, I got mixed feelings on how the movie was delivered.

Spoilers ahead! Please be warned!

As I heard that the manga will have a movie adaptation, I felt a bit skeptical because there was one chapter on the manga that I really loved the most and I doubt that the movie will ever capture that moment. And as it turns out, I was right, well at least from my own perspective. As I mentioned on my review on the manga, that chapter was my favorite and I found it really clever; the suicide part on the manga. In the manga, the words are chopped as if to make the readers feel how the female protagonist felt. But on the movie, it was all acted out and displayed as text so it was not as great as it was on the manga.

And there were several parts there that were not included or was cut short so I was a bit sad that it did not make it into the movie because those were the scenes that made me cry while reading the manga. Though I am still glad that the ending was a bit finer than the manga. As I mentioned previously, the ending on the manga was a bit of a cliff hanger. At least they gave more touch to it.

But overall, it’s a really nice movie. The voice actors were great and the voice actress who played the main female protagonist is good. They gave me a good laugh as they brought the characters to life. Though I like the voice actor who played Nicolas Brown on the anime Gangsta better as a deaf character. Laughs. As for the story, it was nice but since I have already read the manga, I was all about the acting and the animation. And as for the animation, it was simple and nice especially the scenery and the fireworks, I love that part.

But still I recommend you to read and watch both manga and movie, they both fill in the gap with each other. 🙂


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