Hello everyone. Xuei here. I’m not good in introducing myself so please spare me. Anyways, just like everyone else who loves anime and manga out there, I am just like you who loves anime and manga just as much as you do. And since it is like that this blog will mainly be about anime, manga, and fan girling. Laughs. I’ll do reviews on anime that I’ve watched and re-watched whichever genre it is, manga too. But drama, romance, shoujo, and josei have a special place in my heart so do not wonder about the majority of my posts. Laughs.

I will also post some anime or manga quotes that I like. It may be annoying to receive updates for just a simple quote but please bare with me. If I know how to exempt the quotes to the updates then I would do it.

And I also love to draw and that is my second major hobby besides watching anime and reading manga. So I’ll be posting here some Fanart of the anime that I like and some tutorials, WIPs (Work In Progress), and DIY printables. That if I have time.

And if you have any suggestions for me to watch, especially about drama and romance, or suggestions on what to do on my next free DIY printables, please comment below or message me.

Thank you.


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