Koe No Katachi Movie Thoughts

It' really been a year since I last posted on this blog. And it's just a coincident that my last and my latest review will be Koe no Katachi. And yes! I've recently watched the movie for Koe No Katachi on our local movie theaters. And after watching it, I got mixed feelings on how the movie was … Continue reading Koe No Katachi Movie Thoughts

Koe no Katachi

Koe No Katachi Manga Review

Koe no Katachi is a very heartwarming manga about a bully guy and a deaf girl. Yes, the main male protagonist is a bully, or rather was a bully. Meanwhile the main female protagonist is a deaf. Imagine if two different kinds of people met under such circumstances. What could possibly happen? My Ratings Art … Continue reading Koe No Katachi Manga Review

Rave Master Article Cover

Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

The manga that made the mangaka Hiro Mashima popular, Rave: The Groove Adventure, is a story about an ordinary boy named Haru Glory who lives in a secluded island called Garage Island. Haru lived a simple life until he met Plue the Rave's bearer and Shiba the previous Rave master who fight against the evil … Continue reading Rave: The Groove Adventure Manga Review

Shinobi Life Article Cover

Shinobi Life Manga Short Reviewish

The opportunity to time-slip, or go back to the past or to go advance to the future, is a great power. You can go back to the past to correct your mistakes and to prevent something bad that has happened. Or you can go advance to the future so you can do what is right to … Continue reading Shinobi Life Manga Short Reviewish

Heroine Shikkaku Article Cover

Heroine Shikkaku Manga Short Reviewish

The heroine is always the main character of the story. She is a great character who falls in love with the hero. That's why she always ends up with the hero. But what if the heroine is not great but evil? A selfish and whiny girl who will do whatever she could for the hero even … Continue reading Heroine Shikkaku Manga Short Reviewish